Shadows 2: Perfidia (Steam Gift/RU+CIS)

Shadows 2: Perfidia (Steam Gift/RU+CIS)

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Shadows 2: Perfidia is a survival horror game inspired by classics like the Penumbra series and Layers of Fear.

Explore a darkened office complex and uncover the truth behind the horrifying events that have befallen its inhabitants.
Play as one of two characters with unique storylines, monster encounters, and gameplay challenges.
Navigate a multi-story maze that grows scarier, harder, and more twisted as you struggle to escape the madness.

Main features:

- Two characters to play with, each in a different location
- Over 18 levels with unique scares & puzzles
- Realistic sound effects
- Creepy atmosphere
- New gameplay mechanics
- Randomized encounters, item locations etc. on each level


Shadows 2 combines elements from your favorite indie horror titles and drives them to a new level of terror.

Confront over three types of monsters, each with distinct behaviors and tactics. Use darkness to your advantage and evade the creatures’ deadly threats.

Solve diverse, interesting puzzles to access each floor’s elevator and advance the story, a mind-bending tale of betrayal and revenge.

Master a unique sanity system that allows you to stave off trauma by guzzling energy drinks or shutting your eyes against the chaos. Witness too many horrors, and feel your mind unravel.


The world of Shadows 2 is packed with details, from menacing sound effects to cleverly plotted jump scares and disturbing set pieces.

An overwhelming feeling of dread prevails. You’ll never know what’s just around the corner – safety, certain doom, or worse...


In addition to the main story, each floor contains secret items that can be collected to unlock behind-the-scenes content and design documents.


Shadows 2 has already left its mark:
„That was really good” – Markiplier
„There´s something about it that scares the s#%t of out me” – Daz Games
„I´m f!#king done” – KSI

Are you brave enough to embrace the Shadows?
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